Hand Rails for Decks & Porches

Wood Handrail

Choose from our KDAT products to build the perfect wood handrail by nearly eliminating shrinking, cupping, warping and twisting as wet treated lumber will almost certainly do to your new handrail. Select from different designs and dimensions to build a handrail with some style. All while being able to seal coat your finished product right away.

We have the accessories for your wood handrail also. Decorative features such as post caps, cable railing, decorative paneling, deck railing connectors, stair rail, drink rail, decorative router top rail.

Also design your handrail by adding lighting, or aluminum round or square balusters that can be used in place of wood balusters. Whatever you want to get from your wood handrail we can help you accomplish your goal. Call for a quote today.

Top Deck Mechanical aluminum hand rail

Custom mechanical handrail is a code compliant, powder coated handrail that can be built to fit any custom size deck. Mechanical handrail means that the product comes in stock sizes and pieces that you or your installer cut to fit and assemble it then install it. The post is 3×3 and installed as needed and the handrail is secured to them. This method provides a maintenance-free finished product that was put together to fit your deck specifically. It comes in 4 popular colors that can even be mixed and matched to provide custom color schemes. Custom colors are available for an additional cost. This method of the handrail is the most economical hard surface maintenance-free handrail when making the move from the wood handrail.

Top Deck Mechanical handrail can also be purchased in already assembled panels available in 4,6, and 8 foot sections with 3×3 posts at 38 and 44 inches tall. Simply place your post and install your panel or cut to fit. Call for a quote today.  

Welded Steel

Welded steel is a custom fabricated powder coated maintenance-free handrail made just for you. Choose your rail style, balusters, and post sizes. We come to you, measure, and have our expert fabricators build and install your design and style. Gain the strength and security that comes with a steel fabricated product like this, and the peace of mind with a one piece welded panel. The welded steel is extremely customizable and stepping into the creative arena with wrought iron and design is a wide horizon. Prefabricated handrail panels in 4, 6, and 8 foot sections are also available to purchase along with 2×2 or 3×3 inch post 38 and  44 inches in height. Call for a quote today.

Welded Aluminum

Welded Aluminum is similar to welded steel in that it is also custom-fabricated, powder-coated, maintenance-free. Your project is measured, fabricated, and installed on your custom deck. Differences to welded steel – It’s lighter but still extremely strong. The main perk is that welded aluminum will not ever rust. It’s durable has longevity and will keep you on the right side of the rail for years to come. Numerous offerings with style, design, colors, and finishes. Welded aluminum rail is a great choice to fit the needs of today’s homeowners.  Prefabricated handrail panels in 4, 6, and 8 foot sections are also available to purchase along with 2×2, 3×3 inch (Larger posts are available) post 38 and  44 inches in height. Call for a quote today.