Northern Crossarm Co. is known for producing the highest quality pressure-treated wood products that meet the needs of an ever-changing building environment.

If you are looking to carry KDAT products for your next project, then Top Deck can help!

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What is KDAT?

Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) is a process that removes excess moisture from lumber, minimizing the natural characteristics of wood to shrink, cup, and warp.  This process will minimize the shrinkage and increase the stability of the lumber.  KDAT also improves the holding power of nails and screws.

KDAT is a great product to DECK OUT YOUR DOCK!

KDAT is a great product for the following projects:

  • Outdoor decks
  • Fences
  • Pergolas
  • Bridges
  • Docks

What to Expect With KDAT?

Wood is a porous material, which makes it ideal for the pressure treating process. Because it is porous, wood has a natural tendency to warp, cup, twist, crack, check, shrink and swell as it is exposed to wetting and drying cycles. The pressure-treating process fully saturates wood with preservatives and water. While the preservative is left in the wood for protection, the water is released as the wood naturally dries, bringing out these natural characteristics. Kiln Dried After Treatment, “KDAT” is a process that removes this excess moisture from wood introduced by the treating process. Kiln drying after treatment helps to improve the performance and stability of pressure-treated wood.

Benefits of KDAT Brown Treated Wood

  • Lighter, easier to handle.
  • More resistant to shrink, cup & warp.
  • Easier to saw & plane.
  • Better holding power (nails & screws).
  • AG, GC & Fresh Water Immersion.
  • Can be painted or stained immediately.
  • Better corrosion resistance for exterior code approved fasteners & hardware.

We Now Carry Stains for KDAT Decking & Treated Lumber

  • Now in stock with 2 colors – Pecan and Walnut, and Clear. We also have the accessory chems, cleaner, brightener, stripper, boost.
Northern KDAT Decking Top Deck
Northern KDAT Decking
KDAT Brown Top Deck
KDAT Brown

If you are looking to carry Northern KDAT products, then Top Deck can help you out!

KDAT Brown Treated Wood

This treated wood will give your client a great looking product that performs exceptionally well.  With a rich brown finish, you will see a beautiful treated piece of wood, that’s lighter weight, easy to handle, and easier to saw and plane.

Benefits of KDAT Brown Treated Wood

  • Lighter weight
  • Easier to handle to and from the job site
  • Reduced potential for shrink, cups, warps & checks
  • Increased deck frame stability
  • Easier to saw and plane
  • No need to wait 6 -12 months before staining
  • Better corrosion resistance for exterior code approved fasteners & hardware
  • End uses include interior and exterior above ground, ground contact, and fresh water immersion.


KDAT is Still Pressure Treated Wood

While the KDAT process helps to improve the stability of pressure treated wood, it does not make it impervious to wood’s natural characteristics. 
This is especially true if it is exposed to wet ting and dry cycles prior to installation.

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